ACACIA Unisex-Adult Pickleball Shoes, Lime/Black, 4.5

Price: $99.66

Upper: The upper is made of polymer microfiber, which offers reinforced ankle support and features metal grommets for added durability.

Insole: The insole is designed with honeycomb-memory foam, which effectively absorbs shock and promotes airflow to keep the feet comfortable.

Midsole: Crafted from water-resistant ARK-Technology EVA foam, the midsole provides both elevation and structural support to enhance the overall shoe performance.

Outsole: The outsole is constructed with non-marking anti-wear natural rubber. It’s designed with elevated heels that not only increase leverage, control, and balance but also offer superior durability.

To summarize, these shoes are specially designed with an upper made of polymer microfiber for added ankle support, a shock-absorbing honeycomb-memory foam insole, a water-resistant ARK-Technology EVA foam midsole for elevation and structure, and a non-marking anti-wear natural rubber outsole with elevated heels to boost leverage and control.

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