Butterfly Men’s Table Tennis Shoes, Black/Red, 10.5

Price: $141.99

Developed by Butterfly table tennis, the Lezoline series is designed to enhance the footwork of top players. One notable feature is the thickest sole in the series, which offers excellent shock absorption. This is achieved through the use of the B-ABSORBER, a specially designed shock-absorbing sponge that provides both cushioning and flexibility.

The outer sole of the Lezoline GIGU is constructed with WINGRIP, a unique material that offers exceptional grip and assists in facilitating correct movement during gameplay.

Stability is another key feature of the Lezoline GIGU. It is equipped with STB, a mechanism that helps maintain stable footwork and prevents the shoes from distorting during rigorous table tennis movements.

In terms of functionality and comfort, the Lezoline GIGU excels. It is made from a combination of durable synthetic fiber and synthetic leather materials. Additionally, its rubber sole is abrasion-resistant, ensuring longevity and performance on the court.

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