Butterfly Men’s Table Tennis Shoes, Black/Red, 5.5

Price: $139.09

PROFESSIONAL – The Lezoline GIGU was developed by Butterfly table tennis to specifically support the footwork of top players.

SHOCK ABSORPTION – With the thickest sole in the Lezoline series, the GIGU features excellent shock absorption thanks to the B-ABSORBER, a special shock absorbing sponge that provides cushioning and flexibility.

OUTER SOLE – The GIGU’s outer sole is designed with WINGRIP, offering a specially formed outer sole with high grip ability to assist in correct movement.

STABILITY – This model also features STB to aid in stable footwork and help prevent distortion of the shoes, which can happen during certain table tennis movements.

FUNCTIONALITY AND COMFORT – Constructed with a mix of sturdy synthetic fiber and synthetic leather materials, along with an abrasion-resistant rubber sole, the Lezoline GIGU delivers both functionality and comfort.

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