Head Graphene 360+ Speed Professional: Racquet Overview of the 7 days

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I have a experience as long as Novak Djokovic keeps cranking out grand slams, HEAD will keep on to make Speed tennis racquets. The hottest iteration carries on the Graphene 360+ trend which carries in excess of from the Gravity and Status frames. This technology uses Spiralfibers in the lower portion of the racquet head that untwist and stretch at make contact with with the ball.

The previous Graphene 360 Speed Professional provided a huge redesign in the total playability and experience of the racquet. The beam thickened to 23 millimeters, and the racquet performed a lot more dampened and impressive than it experienced in decades. Although not as large of an overhaul, HEAD added Spiralfibers (talked about earlier mentioned) in an exertion to sustain comfort and ease, but attain far better experience for the ball. The complex specs stay primarily unchanged from 2018, with a couple slight tweaks. I immensely appreciated the new tech in the Status and Gravity families, and I was pumped to get the new Speed Professional out on the courts.

Head Grapahene 360+ Speed Pro Beauty Shot


I was dialed in from the back of the courtroom quickly with the new Speed Professional. Keep in mind the very first USB devices that presented “Plug-N-Play”? Nicely this applies to the Speed Professional. The dense string sample dropped my internet clearance a very little bit, however it is still ridiculously spin helpful for an 18 x 20 string sample. The marginally heavier swing fat performed a lot more steady, and possibly just a contact slower than the previous gen. This assisted due to the fact the racquet appeared to continue to be in the hitting zone a contact more time, and it saved me from in excess of-swinging. I think the Speed Professional handled itself really well in hefty topspin rallies, and it was equipped to knock down brief balls with ease. The Speed Professional held up impressively well when returning really hard very first serves. When making an attempt to continue to be in the rallies, I experienced a fantastic experience for my slice backhand and was in a position to strike a low, deep shot to get myself back into place.

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With the marginally higher swing fat, I was a very little concerned about swift exchanges at the internet. Although not lightning swift, it was still easy plenty of to cope with a pair of volleys in swift succession. Truth of the matter be instructed, when actively playing singles, if you are hitting a lot more than two volleys in a place you are in all probability in some hassle, no matter what racquet you are making use of. The enhanced security was a large support on half volleys, as well as in-involving pictures, and the racquet plowed by way of the ball with a brief backswing retaining my pictures deep in the courtroom.

Head Graphane 360+ Speed Pro Beauty Shot 3


The enhanced experience for the ball on the Speed Professional helps make it a exact instrument for serving. Flat serves appear off the racquet face extremely rapidly, in spite of the 18 x 20 string sample. On kick serves I recognized a lot a lot more comfort and ease in the higher portion of the head than the 2018 model. The infusion of Graphene 360+ appeared to inject a a lot more impressive reaction than the former generation.


All round

With the new Speed Professional, HEAD has created a a lot more impressive and steady racquet with a marginally heavier swing fat. The racquet is a lot more impressive than the Gravity Professional, and it enhances in comfort and ease thanks to the Spiralfiber technology. If the 2018 model felt a very little also muted, then the finely tuned Graphene 360+ Speed Professional will present the best equilibrium of ball experience and comfort and ease.


Take note: Playtest racquet was strung with a HEAD Lynx Tour string 17G @ forty eight lbs ..



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