How to Prevent Blisters on Your Fingers

Rafael Nadal obtaining a health-related treatment method for a blister on his hand on Day 12 of the 2014 Australian Open (Source: Jan 24, 2014 – AP Photograph)

If you’re new to tennis or you have picked up a racquet for the first time in months, you may possibly be susceptible to friction blisters on your palms or fingers. Seasoned tennis players can even build calluses due to the repetitive gripping motion on their racquets. These calluses can induce distress and kind into blisters, which impacts your effectiveness. Nonetheless, these skin difficulties are typically preventable. Listed here are some recommendations for how to prevent blisters on your fingers and how to take care of an now developing blister.

First, your grip measurement could be the supply of the challenge. If your grip is way too compact or way too large, the racquet will twist and convert in your hand, generating you susceptible to agonizing blisters. When you acquire a tennis racquet, use a ruler to measure from the center of your palm up to the idea of your ring finger. That amount reveals your appropriate grip measurement. Our grip information clarifies additional specifics about how to opt for the finest grip for your video game. Future, shell out interest to how you hold the racquet. Keeping the grip way too small can also induce blisters.

Use Cushioned Grips

From time to time players squeeze the racquet deal with in tense moments. Gripping the deal with way too tricky and sweaty palms induce recurring rubbing and friction. This, then, can guide to the formation of blisters on the fingers. To prevent these disagreeable sores, utilize a Gamma Honey Cushion Tennis Substitute Grip that will wick absent dampness. Or, you can use a Wilson Cushion Aire Traditional Sponge Substitute Grip that supplies a exclusive felt layer for absorbing sweat.

Also, it’s finest to use a fresh new overgrip each individual time you play. Through long matches, the overgrip’s tackiness deteriorates and promotes slipping, which tends to make it additional hard to hold on to the racquet. My individual favorite is the Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip, which helps me grip the racquet tightly though soaking up sweat and safeguarding my fingers from blisters.

Other Ideas for Prevention

Blister prevention is vital

  • Use a tennis towel to dry your fingers and grip among online games and sets.
  • Wear a sweat band on your forearm or wrist to preserve sweat from dripping on to your hand.
  • Use a cushioned bandage to spots that develop into irritated.
  • Clean any blisters meticulously and try out not to crack the skin. Then, preserve the blister protected.


The most important will cause of hand blisters are excess sweat and an incorrect grip measurement. Tennis Convey can assist with our comprehensive grip information and superior-quality products that will preserve sweat at bay. We have a myriad of tennis grips as well as grip enhancers to soak up sweat and prevent blisters so you can concentrate on strengthening your video game. Head over to now!

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