Mizuno Running Women’s Wave Neo Wind Running Shoe, Undyed Wht-Peace Blue, 11.5

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Eco Friendly Materials:
The usage of eco-friendly materials is emphasized in this product.

G3 Outsole: The outsole of this product is designed to offer excellent grip without adding unnecessary weight. Additionally, the G3-DR technology is incorporated to enhance durability in specific high-impact areas.

MIZUNO ENERZY (FOAM): This foam material provides versatility in application while still maintaining a soft and resilient quality. Its inclusion in the product is intended to improve overall performance.

Another variant of the MIZUNO ENERZY foam, the ENERZY LITE material is utilized in this product.

MIZUNO WAVE: The MIZUNO WAVE plate is integrated in this product to effectively distribute energy from impacts over a wider area. This not only creates a stable platform but also provides superior cushioning for enhanced comfort.

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