Mizuno Women’s Wave Sky 7 Running Shoe, Black-Silverstar, 8.5

Price: $169.95

MIZUNO ENERZY CORE: Introducing our new advanced midsole material, MIZUNO ENERZY CORE. This innovative material provides exceptional resiliency and softness, ensuring improved comfort and added spring for optimal performance.

MIZUNO ENERZY (FOAM): Our versatile MIZUNO ENERZY foam offers a wide range of applications while maintaining its softness and resilience. It is designed to enhance performance capabilities.

MIZUNO WAVE: The MIZUNO WAVE plate disperses energy from impact across a broader area, creating a stable platform and superior cushioning for maximum comfort.

X10 Outsole: Our X10 outsole features durable carbon rubber, allowing for longer wear and increased longevity.

Stretch Woven Upper: The stretch woven upper provides a comfortable and flexible fit.

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