Propet Women’s TravelBound Hi Sneakers, Black, 12 XX-Wide US

Price: $91.31

  1. Removable Footbed: This HTML tag can be placed at the beginning of the sentence, or around the phrase “Removable Footbed”.
  2. Flexible, Stretchable: Applying HTML tags to this sentence only adds emphasis to these qualities, so no changes necessary.
  3. Precision knit mesh with padded collar and tongue. Lace and inside zip for easy on/off: The sentence structure remains the same, only adding HTML tags for formatting.
  4. Arch supporting high density Open Cell PU foam allows air to flow for a cooler, healthier footbed: Again, the sentence structure remains unchanged, using HTML tags appropriately.
  5. Thermally controlled rubber provides long lasting responsive cushion that keeps feet energized: Like the previous sentences, HTML tags can be utilized while keeping the sentence structure intact.

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