Propét Women’s TravelBound Sneaker,ICY Mint,11 XX-Wide

Price: $84.95 - $77.36

Removable footbed, Flexible, Stretchable, Diabetic Friendly

Our footwear features a detachable footbed, allowing for easy customization. The shoes are designed to be flexible and stretchable to provide maximum comfort and accommodate various foot conditions, including diabetes.

The upper part of the shoe is made from a one-piece stretch knit mesh, which not only allows for a better fit but also creates a stylish texture. Additionally, the shoe has an external leather heel counter support to provide stability and enhance overall foot support.

To ensure a healthier footbed, our shoes incorporate arch supporting high density Open Cell PU foam. This feature allows air to circulate, keeping the foot cooler and reducing the risk of common foot issues.

Our shoes also utilize thermally controlled rubber, which delivers long-lasting responsive cushioning. This unique material not only provides comfort but also energizes the feet, allowing you to stay active throughout the day.

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